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Running of the Bulls, Pamplona (photo:Katrin Korfmann)
yellow (photo: Katrin Korfmann)
Purple (photo: Katrin Korfmann)
striking beauty (photo: Al Vandenberg)
Kids. (photo: Al Vandenberg)
Anonymous: You seem to disagree with a lot of things. What are some of the things that you actually do like?

I like people who are not¬†condescending. I like pizza. I like passion. I like sincerity. I like when people have a decent place to sleep at night. I like watching plants grow. I like wolves. I like Sun Ra. I like polished gold. I like drinking wine. I like smoking and drinking. I like Chuck Taylors. I like being the first to step out of an airplane. I like gun cleaning. I like target practice. I like how people expect me to behave perfectly under scrutiny they themselves probably couldn’t handle. I like hugs. I like comfortable silence. I like scratching mosquito bites until they bleed. I like not watching tv. I like moving in the opposite direction of the masses because the masses are almost always wrong. I like passionate kisses. I like helping the underdog. I like sleep. I like leaving the party early. I like laughing. I like not believing in an angry God. I like the way women move.¬†


ferrari sheppard, chicago il 2014
photo by lawrence agyei

ferrari sheppard, chicago il 2014
photo by lawrence agyei
Get off your knees. 

Driving through Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to Masjid. Feel the streets. 

tfburt: As a writer/journalist myself, I seriously appreciate your work. There's an unapologetic fidelity to truth in it—real, objective observation—that the world needs more of. Keep it comin'.

Thank you.

Jean-michel and his appropriator. (Jeannette Barron)
Liberia. 2004. War graffiti left during the Liberian civil war. (Tim Hetherington)