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Anonymous: If you write for the huffington post (I only saw it mentioned in your profile on Twitter), I question your authenticness. Unless, of course, you have to do it for a living. I get major spam-itis feelings when I enter that website.

It’s not wise to question the authenticity of an approaching¬†lightning bolt. I’m 100% independent.¬†

Sweet dreams (photo: matt weber)
Don’t tell anyone that I care. (photo:matt weber)
Without a leader. (photo: matt weber)
Ava Cherry, Backstage at Austin Opry House, 1977 (photo: scott newton)
make a move. (photo: matt weber)
A Jewish settler woman and child walk near a banner reading “Palestine never existed! (and never will)” on Shuhada Street in the West Bank city of Hebron, 7 March. Israel severely restricted Palestinian access to Shuhada Street, previously the main commercial center of Hebron, following a 1994 massacre perpetrated by a settler in the city’s Ibrahimi Mosque.(Ryan Rodrick Beiler / ActiveStills) — in Palestine.
Afeni Shakur gazes out into the distance while photographing a Panther 21 rally in New York City April 4, 1970. (Photographer: unknown)
Segregated road system I personally experienced. It’s deep. 
Do or die! Bed Stuy.