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Sunday Evening by Byron M McCray
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Devin Troy Strother
"From the Bushes to the Court"
Devin Troy Strother “Chuck”
Devin Troy Strother
"That National Geographic Shit When Things Get Real"
Anonymous: What are your thoughts on the american constitution?

It’s a solid document that wasn’t intended for me. It was a government’s attempt at being decent. Currently, it’s a piece of paper whose value is less than money.  

Why are you so angry? Why do you smoke chronic? Why can’t you stay out of trouble? Why is the earth round?’ Eat a dick! Niggas ain’t meant to be understood. Thugging. So back up off me! — Tupac Shakur 

Brothers (Al Vandenberg)
Sisters (Al Vandenberg)
Sisters (Al Vandenberg)

The world is on Fire. — Ferrari Sheppard

Running of the Bulls, Pamplona (photo:Katrin Korfmann)
yellow (photo: Katrin Korfmann)